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Public GitHub Repositories

Reference_bash Reference_golang Reference_nodejs
Reference_c Reference_grails Reference_python 
Reference_cpp Reference_groovy  
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The Practice Applications

Each repository contains essentially the same applications written in the specified language and/or framework.

  • 1-hello: The simplest of applications / scripts. Simply prints out "Hello, World".
  • 2-fibonacci: Calculates and lists the first 20 numbers from the Fibonacci sequence, F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2).
    • Some repositories include two alternative implementations, one that does not use a recursive method to calculate the value and another one that does.
  • 3-fibonacci_index: Calculates the F(n), Fibonacci number for the user specified value.
    • Input handling comes in three variations: (a) read command line arguments, (b) read user input or (c) both options together.
    • Implementations also include both recursive and non-recursive solutions.

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