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Work History

Patria Aviation Oy, Systems

Systems Architect / Product Owner
Tampere, 11/2014-present

All projects are related to defence and as such details are limited.

Project #2 (07/2015-present)
The project started as a RFQ project with a handful of people and my initial role was that of Systems Architect. My area of focus was on Use Cases for the system's desktop application, and it's user interface design.

After a year the project morhphed from RFQ-project into R&D-project and my role shifted from being an architect to being a Product Owner. As part of this I organized the project to use Atlassian products for information management (Confluence, JIRA, FishEye, Crucible, Requirement Yogi, Zephyr and more) and currently the system reliably links (a) requirement specifications with (b) use cases and (c) technical documentation, (e) epics and stories for three Scrum teams and one Kanban team, (f) version control and commits, (g) code reviews and (h) test cases and planning.

I organised the backend and frontend development with integration testing as Scrum teams while algorithm development worked better as Kanban team. I trained and mentored all team members to work in a Scrum project. I organised and maintained multiple backlogs (one master backlog that fed into team specific backlogs). I regularly meet with the stakeholders be they customers or internal ... all and all I did quite a lot.

The project value is estimated to be "a lot of euros" and the project employes tens of people.

Project #1 (11/2014-06/2015)
I designed and implemented a comprehensive parser to convert (relatively) free-form artillery fire commands into structured and normalized data model, which was then used by a command system. The work was based on ANTLR 4.5 and Java.

Additional responsibilities and notes:
- Scrum certification in 2015 (although I have practical work experience since 2006)
- Secretary of the Initiative Committee
- Received multiple rewards for initiatives
- Member of cyber security task force in Systems
- Member of architecture task force in Systems
- Recruitment (interviews, recruitment events etc)


Rakettitiede Oy

Espoo, 05/2014-10/2014

I worked for six months with a fixed term contract at Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy on their service development team. Primarily my responsibility was the development and documentation of Erämies, which is one of the subsystems of


ASAN Security Technologies Ltd.

R&D Manager / Software Architect
Espoo, 04/2012-02/2014

Between April and November 2012 as an R&D Manager I was responsible over the company research & development team and various software development projects.

Between November 2012 and September 2013 I was tasked to design and implement the Driver Management System, which is comprised on following components.

- Driver Framework, the basis for development of integration drivers for third party network devices and services. (Java SE 7).

- DMS Client, an intelligent client library that handles all communications and stream management with the DMS Platform while providing very simple API in order to integrate the client with other products. (Java SE 7)

- DMS Platform, a multithreaded scalable server for hosting drivers, and intelligently managing device connections and data streams. (Grails 2.2)

In addition I setup Continuous Integration environment for the project, wrote a reference driver, couple of testing applications, documented the work (Javadoc, UML) and provided support for two Estonian subcontractors who were working a step behind me on two additional network video recorder drivers..

Once in production this system enables ASAN can improve overall service scalability while allowing faster and more consistent driver development.


Adviced ICT Finland Oy

Information Architect
Espoo, 01/2012-03/2012

I joined a small two man start-up as an employee. The company aimed to provide Enterprise Architecture and IT change management services for other businesses. For this end I was TOGAF 9 Foundation certified. I also worked on extensive service platform design as an internal development project.

After three months the company management declared that their selected market area did not meet their expectations which created financial challenges.


Envivia Oy

Helsinki, 05/2011-11/2011

I joined Envivia as a partner after I designed with the company founder a concept for an online service that was supposed to make references actually trustworthy utility in marketing and business networking. My role was to be the company’s CTO and lead the development.

However, the company needed capital to get business started. To this end I accepted a consultancy project for Nokia as a Process and Concept Specialist. The project was expected to last at least six months and the goal was to improve the after sales support of Nokia phones. I completed the first part of the project ahead of schedule and my report was accepted with positive feedback, but unfortunately after two months Stephen Elop declared the Nokia’s platform to be on fire and my project was cancelled along with many others. As we failed to collect enough capital and to find a replacement project the company eventually folded.


Uoma Oy

Information Architect
Espoo, 03/2009-05/2011

Some past project highlights:
- Omena Hotels: Requirements specification and use case design

- A large Finnish mobile operator: Project architect and acting Scrum Master / Product Owner / team lead in an extensive platform project.

- Another large Finnish mobile operator: Concept design, requirements specifications and use case design for a new MobileID based service.

- Finnish Tourist Board: Technical audit and next action recommendations for the site.

In total about 30-something pre-project and customer assignments over two years time.


Derelict Innovations


I came up with an idea for an online service that would bring together innovators, investors and companies while taking into account each party’s special needs and interests. To overall goal was to improve innovators ability to get their ideas implemented either by selling them to a suitable company or by starting a company of their own.

While the concept received good feedback and I got a couple of co-entrepreneurs to join me the project ultimately failed to find required financing. The bad economic situation of late 2008 and early 2009 certainly did not help.


Paf / European Games and Entertainment Technologies Oy

Senior Software Developer
Helsinki, 06/2007-11/2008

For the better part of my time in Paf / EGET I designed and implemented solutions related to confirming player identities and fraud management. Very interesting stuff.

The last project was to design and specify Dice Arena service integration with existing Paf systems. Talk about trying to hit a moving target as the Dice Arena was still several months away from being production ready when the integration work started.


Codebird Oy

Lead Architect
Helsinki / Pori, 08/2006-06/2007

One of the two most interesting projects was designing and implementing a heuristic storage and task management system for a large woodmill.

The other interesting case was an in-house project with a goal to design and implement a server platform in which individual mobile service modules could have been run independently from others.


GTECH Finland Oy

Software Engineer
Helsinki, 03/2006-07/2006


Satama Interactive

Software Specialist
Helsinki, 09/2004-03/2006


Distocraft Oy

Software Specialist
Lahti, 12/2003-09/2004


Nice-business Solutions Finland Oy

Software Specialist
Tampere, 09/2000-11/2003


WebCrossing, Inc.

JavaScript Developer
San Francisco CA USA, 06/2000-08/2000


County of Hollola, Office of Education

IT Support
Hollola, 09/1997-08/1999


County of Hollola, Office of Education

Hollola, 03/1999-05/1999


Finnish Defence Force, Conscipt

Lance Corporal, Company Clerk

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